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June 24, 2011
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Aresia - Daughter of Ares by Aurola-Seadevil Aresia - Daughter of Ares by Aurola-Seadevil

Aresia - Daughter of Aresby Aurola-Seadevil

Fan Art / Cartoons & Comics / Traditional / Books & Novels©2011-2015 Aurola-Seadevil
This is my Percy Jackson Own Character, Aresia. Daughter of Ares, yet, his 45th child.

:bulletyellow: Greek Name - Aresia of Olympias

:bulletyellow: Human Name - Aresia Coleman

:bulletyellow: Name Meaning - Offspring of the War

:bulletyellow: Original Home - Olympias

:bulletyellow: Current Home - New York

:bulletyellow: Age - 14

:bulletyellow: Gender - Female

:bulletyellow: Height- 5 ft. 7 inch.

:bulletyellow: Weight - 176 lbs.

:bulletyellow: Blood Type - B

:bulletyellow: Nationality - English & Greek

:bulletyellow: Birthday - June 13th

:bulletyellow: Chinese Zodiac - Ox

:bulletyellow: Greek Zodiac- Gemini

:bulletyellow: Element - Metal

:bulletyellow: Hair Color - Jet Black

:bulletyellow: Hair Type - Curly & Thick; down to her lower back.

:bulletyellow: Eye Color- Gold

:bulletyellow: Eye Sight - Excellent

:bulletyellow: Scars/Piercings/Tattoos - A scar on her stomach, where she was stabbed, which she had gotten while aiding her father in her first war.

:bulletyellow: Physical Description- Aresia is always active, so she's skinny and never seems to gain weight. Not exactly tall, but she's not exactly short; she's practically normal height.

:bulletyellow: Clothing Description - Metal, yet, decorative armor. She never goes anywhere without her full body armor, and only takes it off while she sleeps.

:bulletyellow: Good Traits - Has a softer side around somebody she likes/loves. Is protective, and a good fighter.

:bulletyellow: Flaws - Is quick to starting a fight/war, and has never gotten a hold to her temper. Being the daughter of Ares, she always chooses a choice that will lead to a fight.

:bulletyellow: Good Habits - Aresia is only lovable when she wants to be, but that caring/motherly side of her comes out at any moment.

:bulletyellow: Bad Habits - Pulls her hair a lot, screaming at people, raising her voice, and starting a fight.

:bulletyellow: Fears - Zeus (Her grandfather)

:bulletyellow: Why Do They Have This Fear - Zeus is the almighty leader of the Gods and Goddesses; even if she could never be at their level in Olympias, she fears what would happen if she was ever confronted by Zeus of her devilish actions.

:bulletyellow: Favorite Food - Sour Plum Pudding

:bulletyellow: Least Favorite Food - Banana Pudding; she calls it too soft and calming for her taste-bugs.

:bulletyellow: Favorite Drink - Diet Tea

:bulletyellow: Least Favorite Drink - Pepsi

:bulletyellow: Favorite Sound - The sound of metal-against-metal; that clashing sound they make.

:bulletyellow: Favorite Scent - Burning wood

:bulletyellow: Favorite Sight - Olympias

:bulletyellow: Favorite Time Of Year - Winter

:bulletyellow: Favorite Time of Day - Midnight; where she does her private practices with her weapons.

:bulletyellow: Favorite Animal - Raven (The bird)

:bulletyellow: Favorite Song - The soundtrack from the "Clash of the Titans" movie from 2010.

:bulletyellow: Favorite Movie - "Clash of the Titans" (2010 Version).

:bulletyellow: Best School Subject - History

:bulletyellow: Worst School Subject - Math

:bulletyellow: Best Camp Activity - Hide-And-Destory & Maze-Battles.

:bulletyellow: Least Favorite Camp Activity - Capture the Flag

:bulletyellow: Mother: Marisol Coleman

:bulletyellow: >Relationship - Awful; Aresia is more like Ares, and Marisol can't stand that about her.

:bulletyellow: Father: Ares; God of War

:bulletyellow: >Relationship - More than perfect; Ares understands his daughter more than his other children, and Aresia looks up to her father. They communicate through message-hawks.

:bulletyellow: Step Parent/Foster Parents - None; Marisol didn't marry.

:bulletyellow: Siblings - Aresia's is the youngest of 45 children.

:bulletyellow: >Relationship - Doesn't talk to none of her older brothers and sisters.

:bulletyellow: Closest Friends/Demigod Friends - Nico de Angelo

:bulletyellow: Boyfriend - Deep Crush on Nico

:bulletyellow: Enemies - Percy Jackson; since he had to chance to visit Olympias, and see his father.

:bulletyellow: Pet - Shirefeather; the hawk that delivers all of the messages to her father, and back to her.

:bulletyellow: How Did They Cure This Pet - It was given to her by Ares, so they could communicate.

:bulletyellow: Weapon - A mace, whom is named Sharpfire.

:bulletyellow: >Mist Version - A necklace, which is a chain with a small spike-ball attached to it.

:bulletyellow: Armor - Silver

:bulletyellow: Strengths - Is double-jointed (So she's good with flexibility), very agile, and fast on her feet.

:bulletyellow: Weaknesses - Can't swim; her decisions to go to battle can backfire easily, resulting in her getting hurt.

:bulletyellow: Fatal Flaw - The touch of light from the New Moon will kill her, for some unknown reason...

:bulletyellow: Abilities - At the most timely of moments, her movements will become quicker, and it results in her enemy defeated. This is actually Ares controlling his daughters actions from Olympias, above...

:bulletyellow:Background - Aresia, at first, did live in Olympias with her father, unknown to her grandfather, Zeus. She often went into battle along side Ares, despite the injuries she knew she could receive. There was then the day where Zeus notice the unlikely relationship between Aresia (Who had called herself Mayfair, to disguise herself as a servant) and Ares, and discovered the demi-god leaving in Olympias. Aresia was then sent to Camp-Half-Blood, and put under the care of her mother, Marisol.

My first Percy Jackson OC! And there might be more to come...

~Aurola Seadevil~
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XxHavoK Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
How did you make this, may I ask? c:
Aurola-Seadevil Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Using Lunaii Dollmaker. :D --> [link]
XxHavoK Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah thanks! c:
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bratitude123 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad to see that this Character is better developed than the first one I read. Though it some of her description clash or do not follow the PJaTO rules.
Aurola-Seadevil Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Yeah, I'm kinda new to the series. xD
Rish-36-Bitch Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
LOTS of info but great profile!
time280 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
oo cool
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